Almaden is the world’s largest producer of anti-reflective coated (ARC) glass and ultrathin physically tempered glass, we are leading the way in solar glass industry.

With substantial R&D investment and solid R&D capability, Almaden Australia is at the forefront of the ultra thin frameless PV module solar wholesale distribution industry within Australia. Our core value is to provide the pioneering ultra thin frameless PV module to valued customers . To differentiate the product from the other PV products on the market, Almaden Australia always focus and specialized on unique high efficiency frameless module. Such product presents a flawless integration of simplicity, reliability and durability.  We are ready to lead our customers to the new era of light weight photovoltaic.

Almaden Australia are also focused on making the process and installation of Solar Farms as seamless as possible by engaging farmers, primary producers and investors to work with us in offering a standardised turn-key Solar Farm solution. Based on the high efficiency of bifacial solar module, it gives investor better return than traditional solar farm.

Almaden will never stop being creative. With light weight era ahead of us, Almaden has taken the lead in developing 4mm glass-glass module with 1.6mm  physically tempered glass and is continually focusing its technology strength on developing 3mm ultralight glass-glass module. Meanwhile, targeting the BIPV market, Almaden has also developed photovoltaic double glazing products which will replace the conventional building materials with energy generating PV modules.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and support people across Australia to move towards clean energy now and into the future as technology evolves.

Our Vision

Almaden Australia aims to develop itself as one of the leading frameless PV module provider in Australia. The focal point of the business is to exercise and portray the high quality standard of its unique and authentic services.